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Of the Pen & Sword ・ Edo Series
文、武 ・ 江戸系列』, 2016 - 2017

Photographed by Tsukasa Ito


Patina Copper


Oxidized Copper


Oxidized Copper, Lacquer 


Oxidized Copper, 950 Silver

A series of 4 四皿ー組

The series of works is inspired by the painted mood of the painter, Ito Jakuchu; as well as, the goldsmithing techniques (Kebori and Nanako) (毛彫と魚々子) of the sword fittings goldsmith, Goto Mitsuyoshi; from the Edo period of Japan.  

The works merged the traditional Japanese and modern goldsmithing techniques and transformed into their unique appearance.  Each of the four works is made based on the name of four individual persons.  These four persons are in very alternative professions which have high influenced by the art, culture and craft of different stage in Japan.

Ito Jakuchu (伊藤 若冲)

(based in Kyoto, mid-Edo period) was a painter specified in the combination of realism, fantasy and vitality.  The black ink paintings were in concise, precise and heavy brushstrokes; whereas, the coloured ink paintings were in extremely fine and detailed brushstrokes.

Goto Mitsuyoshi ・Shinjo (後藤 光美・真乗) 

(based in Tokyo, late-Edo period) was the 15th mainline master of Goto Family who served sword fittings to Shogun Tokugawa Family from generation to generation; as well as overseeing the production of gold coins and the standardizing of the weight system. Goto Mitsuyoshi is not the greatest master of the Goto Family. His sword fittings embrace the sensation harmony element of the nature with both living and surreal creatures which are slightly differentiated from the usual practice of Goto Family.

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