-iattric and II read i jewellery & object reflect the intimate relationship, individual identities and cultural permutations that have resulted from experiences. The works of both lines blend past with present to produce distinctive narrations. Moreover, experimenting the most appropriate materials and outcome without boundaries.

contemporary jewellery & object
II read i
craft & commercial pieces
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the object artisan

born in Hong Kong
graduated from Bachelor of Visual Arts (majored in Jewellery & Object), the University of Sydney (Australia)
graduated from Master of Design, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong)
apprentice of established inkan (seal) engraver, Cheong Shing Tang (Hong Kong)
sword and knife making experience from Okayama, Gifu, Kanagawa and Fukui (Japan)
was the chief jewellery designer of agnes b. (Hong Kong)


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University のデザイン修士を卒業(香港)

The University of Sydney の視覚芸術学士(専攻ジュエリーとオブジェ)を卒業(オーストラリア)