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craft & commercial pieces of -iattric
II read i

This is who I am

Rings – Cinnabar, Acrylic Polymer Dispersion

The relationship among a family is told through the notion of Chinese seal carving and printing process.  And the “I” that have become being brought up by the family.


Paint Mess

Necklace, Earring, Brooch, Hairpin

A total of 8 colour variations:
Baby Blue, Pink, Red, Purple, Green, Yellow, White, Black

Acrylic Paint, Acrylic Polymer Dispersion,
Fishing Line, Metal Finding

Paint mess falls on painters' bodies inattentively when the painters paint.  Even though the painters often wash  the paint mess away afterwards, they enjoy the paint  marks placing on their body during their works-in-progress.

Large Necklace

Small Necklace

Dangling Earring (Single Piece)​

Stud Earring (Single Piece)​



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